The Pet-Sitters’ Checklist

The following is a list of items that is helpful for us to know in order to properly, safely and efficiently care for your pets and home. Most of these we likely will have already discussed with you ahead of time, but in case we missed anything, the following is a good guide that we can go over upon our arrival. Other topics not listed may also come up in the course of getting the lowdown of your particular home and critters. Every homeowner has found this useful to have and be aware of, so we hope you do too!



• Rules, routines, habits and schedules of your pet(s); allowed on furniture, etc.?

• Walk areas, dog parks, and routes they enjoy

• Favourite toys and how they play

• Food type, amounts and restrictions

• Any allergies to be aware of, meds need to be administered

• Any grooming necessary, brushes/combs, toothbrushes

• Phone number and address of your vet (perhaps you’d like to leave an “absent owner” notice with them, keep a credit card on file with them?), emergency contacts, nearest neighbours, how to reach you, your itinerary, etc.

• The location of a crate or pet carrier, if necessary

• Commands your pet(s) respond to, any foibles we should be aware of (ie, how they interact with people, other pets they may encounter on walks)

• Where they sleep

DogHouseHome & Property

• Location of fuse box

• Emergency water shut-off

• Number of plumber/electrician

• Garbage/recycling/composting days, location of bins

• Pool/hot tub maintenance procedures

• Appliance works and quirks: debunking the mysteries of the TV remote; ideal setting for washer/dryer; stove and oven oddities, if any; ideal thermostat setting; specific toilet paper sensitivity to septic system, if any

• Mailbox location and number

• Indoor/outdoor plant watering schedules

• Yard maintenance, if any

• Location of cleaning supplies, special floor/furniture care, if any

• Most homeowners like to leave a bit of cash behind for unforeseen emergencies, or for simple supply stocks (for pet food, treats, whatever). Totally up to you, but if we spend an excessive amount on these supplies ourselves, we’d appreciate being reimbursed.


• Wi-fi password

• We appreciate fridge, freezer, cupboard space for our food. A bit of drawer and closet space for our clothes is also nice. Counter/tub/shower space for our soap, shampoo, etc. is helpful.

• We do not expect you to buy us food or other supplies as we will shop for our own, but most homeowners are happy to have us use their staples like salt and pepper, sugar, flour, cooking oil, paper towels, toilet paper, etc. If you feel differently, please let us know (and we will replace anything we use up, at our expense, of course). If you are leaving any perishables behind when you go and would like us to eat them rather than toss them, we’d be more than happy to.

• Your pets and home are our priority while they’re in our care, and we will never leave them for more than a few hours at a time, and no more than once a week (usually not even that long or often). But it’s nice to have the occasional break to perhaps see a movie or go to a restaurant. Any recommendations you have for dining spots would be greatly appreciated.



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