– Pet-Sitting Services –

Looking for house/pet-sitters who will give you peace of mind while you’re away on that business trip or much-needed vacation? Look no further.

• We are a reliable, honest, trust-worthy, caring and considerate non-smoking married couple with extensive experience house- and pet-sitting domestically and internationally, often for animals with physical and emotional issues.

• When you leave your home in our care, you can rest assured it will be protected and maintained as if you’d never left.

• When you leave your pets in our care, you can rest assured they will not only be protected, but played with, comforted and cuddled!

• Each pet receives our undivided care and attention. Plus, we ensure your routines and rules are continued without interruption so your pet feels safe and secure. If requested, we will also regularly update you on your pets’ well-being.

• We will maintain your home to the highest order, collect your mail, forward messages, deal with emergencies, water plants, tend gardens and pool. As live-in sitters, we protect your home from burglaries, disrepair and disaster.

The cost — financial and emotional — of placing your pets in a kennel is an option most pet-owners would not even consider. Leaving them in familiar surroundings with caring people, however, ensures their comfort and safety while you are away.

Besides the knowledge that your pets are protected and well-cared for, you can rest assured that your home will also be safe and secure in your absence while we are there. Many homeowners are not aware that most home insurance policies do not cover homes that are empty for over 30 days. Even if they do, premiums can often be very expensive. In cold locations, such as many parts of Canada, many insurance companies won’t offer coverage if a home is left empty for more than four days over the winter because of the risk of burst pipes. While we house-sat in the Interior of British Columbia, the home’s water heater burst and began to flood the basement. We caught it before any damage could occur. Imagine if the house was empty?

So, go ahead. Take that well-deserved time off knowing your home and its most precious contents — your pets — are well looked after.

Contact us at:  RobinandRick@yahoo.ca

To read what home-owners have said about us as pet-sitters, click here.

The Pet-Sitters’ Checklist

To check our availability, click on the calendar below.


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