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2nd edition, updated and expanded!
Grab your sombrero and follow along on this wild ride through Mexico as the author pet-sits for four different homeowners in four small villages over five months. From the cool, misty mountains of Central Mexico to the hot, humid beaches of the Mexican Riviera, get an inside look at the truth about cats and dogs, and the day-to-day fun and fuss of caring for them.
Read about the dogs that cornered the possum on the porch; the cat that came face-to-face with a boa constrictor; the dog whose tail needed to be ritually bound each morning, otherwise he’d chew it off; cats who dragged in all manner of dead things from the jungle; a wild cat who thought he was domestic; a deaf cat who thought he was wild; and an abandoned dog who had an autoerotic fixation that could never be satisfied. Then there’s life in small Mexican villages…
If, at the end, you think this is the life for you, there’s a chapter on how you, too, can discover the joy of pet-sitting. The author stayed in upscale homes (some valued at well over $1 million), some overlooking the ocean, some on a golf course, some with pools, all with domestic help, all for free. All you do is walk Fido or offer your lap to Fluffy. It’s a new way to see the world — if you’re brave enough to get between a dog and a possum, or a cat and a boa!
Robin Roberts is a former travel editor and freelance magazine writer, who’s contributed to such publications as Canadian Living, Reader’s Digest, People Magazine, TV Guide, Best Health, Emmy Magazine, the Globe and Mail, National Post, and many more. She’s also the co-author of a travel guide to Vancouver, published by San Francisco-based Moon Publications.


Now available as ebook from Smashwords and Amazon Kindle. Also available from Amazon in colour paperback and black and white paperback.


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