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Welcome to the continuing chronicles of these adventures in pet-sitting! Some of you are familiar with our peculiarly peripatetic lifestyle, whereby Rick and I have shunned society’s unjust demand that expects you to actually toil at a nine-to-fiver so that we can go off and live other people’s lives who are much more responsible. So responsible, in fact, that when they take that much-needed break from their own work (or the rigors of their retirement) to go off on an adventure of their own, they seek out reasonably sane and dependable people to care for their critters. That’s where we come in, fulfilling at least half of those qualifications. We’ve managed to pull this off for nearly six years now, and we’ve decided to keep riding this wave until we either run out of money and are driven back into the work force, or we tire of staying for free in magnificent homes in often exotic locales in exchange for caring for adorable pets. I’m fairly confident the end will come at the hands of an unpaid creditor before we’re bored of fuzzy-faced fur balls.

So here we are, about to begin our sixth year cuddling cats, walking dogs and securing homes. Our first year took us to the steamy jungles and misty mountains of Mexico to sit for a menagerie of ex-pats’ pets. I blogged about the experience, called Mexico Momentos (or, according to one persnickety nit-picker, Momentos de Mexico, which is more accurate but not nearly as lyrical), which morphed into an ebook called Adventures in Pet-Sitting, available at Amazon, which I later updated and expanded after we were back by popular demand to the same four pueblos the following year, and the year after that. Last year, I published it in paperback, also available at Amazon.

I’ve continued to chronicle, and Rick has continued to photograph, our adventures, all contained here in this nifty little blog, which has, as of January 2015, snagged nearly 10,000 views. Thank you, dear readers, we really appreciate your interest!

So far, we’ve split our sits between beautiful British Columbia and marvellous Mexico, but hope to venture farther afield at some point. Wherever we end up, we’re glad you’ve come along on this most excellent adventure!

Cheers and salud!

Robin and Rick


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