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SierraSelfieWe are a married couple in our 50s who live in the Metro Vancouver area of British Columbia, Canada. We’re self-employed in the publishing industry and, with access to wi-fi, can work from anywhere. We fell into house- and pet-sitting quite by accident, when we cared for a neighbour’s home who was uncomfortable leaving it unattended for long periods. This neighbour wintered in Mexico each year, which got us to thinking, there must be others out there just like him. Turns out, there are. One call led to another and, dozens of sits later, we consider house/pet-sitting our new way of life.

During our 35 years of marriage, we’ve traveled to roughly 60 countries on six continents, so we’re comfortable in just about any cultural setting. We’re all the things you’d expect (and demand) in people to whom you entrust your home and pets: reliable, dependable, honest, trustworthy, resourceful, conscientious, non-smoking, clean and tidy. We also love animals, and understand the special relationship you share with your pets. We tend to click immediately with dogs and cats and have bonded with many, even after short pet-sits. They are our top priority when they are in our care; you can rest assured they will be very well looked after in your absence. Rick also loves to photograph the pets, and will send as many pictures as you like to reassure you they are happy and healthy while you enjoy your well-deserved time away. We are also very fit and active, so you know your dog will get all the activity s/he needs, and your kitty the playtime s/he deems appropriate (after all, dogs have owners, cats have staff!).

A Bit of Background…

The genesis of this site was unleashed in 2010 during our dog days in Mexico, when we cared for a menagerie of ex-pats’ pets in four different pueblos. Anyone who has ever met a dog or cat knows how inadvertently entertaining they can be. So I started chronicling their antics in a blog, which later bred into a book, Adventures in Pet-Sitting (available on Amazon and Smashwords). After our stint as critter sitters down south, we returned home to continue caring for cats and dogs in our native British Columbia. Like restless dogs, we don’t sit still for long, though. We hope to range far and wide and snuffle out animal houses in need of our services.

Pet-sitting is not all fun and games, however. Well, it mostly is, but occasionally a serious situation will arise. Like the time one of the dogs we cared for, a ferocious-looking beast who normally was very mild-mannered, suddenly snapped his leash and, fangs bared, charged after a smaller dog (disaster was averted; the only injuries incurred were paws and pride). Or the time a boa constrictor stalked a kitten in our care (again, disaster averted — narrowly). Or, with our current situation, both the dog and cat are so old that they come with a host of health issues, from feline AIDS to allergies that manifest in stinky scratch-athons to full-blown heart failure.

Since we care for the pets, we care for the conditions. Thus, we’ve learned a lot about AIDS, allergies, skin ailments, collapsing trachea and heart murmurs. So we decided to expand the blog to include some insight into these conditions and more, with the help of veterinarians, behaviourists and other experts. This means you’ll continue to read about our adventures in pet-sitting, but you’ll also get the poop on pet health and behaviour through creature features and dog tales. We’ve also added some links to news items and generally goofy videos and photos.

We hope you’ll paws occasionally to come along with us on these adventures, and share some of your own.

Fur-ever yours,

Robin and Rick — RobinandRick@yahoo.ca

Click here to find out how it all started with our first blogs – MexicoMomento’s


One thought on “– About Us –

  1. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for befriending, Kenja- the little black lovable dog of San Pancho before we even met her and then tracking her down and even coming to see her on Vancouver Island. We will be home this season if you are in the area.

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