R.I.P., Chica

Another four-legged soul has crossed the Rainbow Bridge to join a magnificent menagerie of dearly departed pets we’ve cared for over the years. Curt and Cele’s beautiful Siamese/Himalayan-cross passed away in Puerto Vallarta today after a brief illness.

She was as eccentric as she was lovely. I wrote about her quirks while pet-sitting her and her bestie, Cana, along with canine companions Oro and Paloma, in 2014. She liked to drag rags from room to room, pausing only long enough to dip her paw into the gardener’s watering can for a wee sip. The rest of the day was spent cuddling up with Cana.

Curt and Cele rescued Chica, as they did Cana a month or so later, 12 years ago when they lived in San Miguel. The two cats quickly bonded and were bosom buddies for life, until the life left Cana in January 2015. Chica never seemed to fully recover from the loss of her fellow feline rescue-in-arms. Now the two blue-eyed beauties are reunited, to nuzzle forever. Small comfort, but comfort nonetheless. We’ll miss you, little girl.

Click on the first photo below for a slideshow of Chica and her odd drinking habits, and the second one of Chica nuzzling with Cana.


2 thoughts on “R.I.P., Chica

  1. Thanks for this post and for your care of Chica and Cana. Chica was, yes eccentric and loving. Memories of her drinking habits will live on forever thanks to your video.

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