R.I.P., Tai. November 2, 2016

Amid the hubbub of Mexico’s famed Day of the Dead, when families celebrate and remember their dearly departed with graveyard vigils, parties and parades, Tai quietly slipped away. Drained and depleted by cancerous tumours he’d been battling for about a year, his strong, sturdy body finally broke down and gave out. We were by his side, along with Judy and Lee, and as heartbreaking as it was to watch him wither, he was one lucky boy who lived one long, lucky life, and he knew it.

Judy and Lee had rescued Tai some 10 years ago when they found him abandoned on the beach. Scars across his face and neck led them to suspect he’d been kept as a fighting dog. They took him in, tamed him, pampered him, and loved him like a child. He repaid them with love, loyalty and devotion. He was our first pet-sit, and his fierce façade was intimidating, a kind of trial by fire. But over the years that we cared for him, we grew to love this special dog and his quirky ways. Not one for play or affection, when he did snuggle or plant a wet one on our face, it was an honour. We’ll miss you, amigo, but we’ll also celebrate and remember you. Always.


Click on this image of Tai to see some photos of the times we spent together.


Click on this image to read the”Mexico Momentos” blog recounting our first meeting with Tai in 2010. It remains one of the most popular posts Robin’s ever written.


5 thoughts on “R.I.P., Tai. November 2, 2016

  1. Thank you Robin and Rick for the love, care and devotion you showed to our Tai over these past years. He was always happy to know his “people” were coming to stay with him. Thanks for posting the photos – that’s our Tai.

  2. Thank you for sharing Robin and Rick. The boy had character! He knew he had it good when he found loving owners and when they were away amazing surrogate owners in the two of you. My favorite pic was the one where he is looking out to the ocean.

  3. Thanks, all, for your comments. Even those of you who didn’t know Tai cared about him, and that’s heartwarming! San Pancho neighbours Bill and Barbara knew him (they suspect he was related to Rufus somewhere along the bloodline) and understand completely that such unique animals only come along once in a lifetime. It’d be cool to think that tough bros Tai and Rufus are ruling the roost up there wherever they are!

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