Orange is the New Cat

A series of fortunate events this summer led us back to San Pancho and Casa Obelisco, where we were happily reunited with Kahlua the lovable golden doodle; Valentino the whiny baby (at nearly seven years old, the descriptor stands); Pico the “wild” cat who prefers to sleep on the dog bed, especially during storms; Horatio, the deaf dude with the monkey tail; and, new this year, Trixie.

Trixie.021.When Barbara temporarily relocated to el norte for work a few years ago, she brought Horatio with her for company. But he was sad and lonely without the rest of his posse. On a pet food run one day, Barbara noticed an adoption fair at the store. One of the orphaned cats looked just like H. as a baby, she recalls. And, since Barbara has a long history as a collector of orange cats, she agreed to foster her. She couldn’t commit to a full adoption, however, in case Horatio didn’t like her. Well. “He went nuts” for her, she says. Love at first sight.

Trixie.022.She and Bill gave the foxy feline a stripper’s name, they say, because of the way she lolls around with a come-hither-in-the-heather look in her eyes. When Barb returned to Mexico, she brought Horatio and his trophy wife with her. The other guy cats’ eyes popped out when they saw her — hubba-hubba — but only Horatio gets to touch his treasured trollop, protected from the riff-raff behind the iron gate of her new home. Even humans don’t dare lay a hand on her.


Click on the image above to see more pix of Trix.

So the pampered puss lazes around all day, snacking on bon-bons and accepting tender kisses from her man. The solitude of her harboured haven, however, has piled on the pounds. She bores easily when presented with a string or toy mouse, so our attempts at exercise are met with a yawn followed by demands for more food. Her highness spends most of her days stretched out languidly on her voluptuous form while gazing vacantly into space, as though posing for a Botticelli painting.

It’s a first for us — a cat with a do-not-touch decree — so we must give her a wide berth, on tip-toe, careful not to unduly upset her delicate psyche. Just another adventure in pet-sitting . . .

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