R.I.P. Rufus


Click on the image above for a short slideshow of our fearless friend Rufus.

 It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…

Caring for Rufus in San Pancho was one of the highlights of our “adventures” in pet-sitting, but it was also one of the most challenging. Last summer, after he underwent surgery to remove a cancerous toe, it was our job to administer meds, manage his bathroom breaks (by carrying him up and down a flight of stairs) and, worse, change his dressings. He was in so much pain and misery, but we strove to minimize every ache, every discomfort, every indignity that he suffered. And he got through it all with courage and stoicism. He was back in fighting form — that time. But cancer is a heartless bitch.

Getting to know Rufus was not easy. In his world, people were not to be trusted. He had been abandoned at a very early age, lived on the street for a time, then passed around from place to place, until Bill and Barb gave him a forever home at Casa Obelisco. So he didn’t make friends with humans easily, but he did with us. Still, he was the strong silent type, and his only show of affection was to wag his little rat tail or lean against our legs like a buddy. It was enough, and we were honoured. A Thai Ridgeback, he was such a unique animal, we chose him for our Pet-Sitters’ Post masthead at the top.

Rufus was a formidable-looking beast and we took a quiet thrill at how people gave us a wide berth when walking him. No one was going to mess with us while this big, tough brute was by our side. To see him wither as the cancer slowly ravaged his body was a terrible thing. To learn it finally took him last week was the worst.

I like to think of Rufus sitting in the sand, serenely watching the waves, or trotting up the cool, leafy jungle road, free from pain, free from suffering, just … free.

2 thoughts on “R.I.P. Rufus

  1. So sad Robin and Rick! For us Rufus came to life through your blog Robin , Rick’s stunning photos, and our shared dinner conversation when you arrived at our house last fall. He was a unique and beautiful animal and it is amazing to me that he gave the human race another chance and was willing to trust. In the past year, while involved in Feral Cat Rescue, I named one of the kittens we socialiIzed for adoption Rufus. At first it didn’t click where I had pulled the name from , and then I remembered. And the name ws very appropriate. This kitten was a survivor, born under a rock at a marina. His mother and brother were trapped and relocated before him . He was alone there ( with us feeding) for three weeks before he decided he needed to trust us and walked into the cage. He niw has a new home as a hiuse cat with teo other cats on an acreage.
    Like our lost soul Billy , the cat that you nursed to the end for us, I know how much love and attention you both gave Rufus , during your pet sits there. His life was so much better due to the love of his owners and the two of you! R.I.P. Rufus.. You were a star!

  2. Oh Robin and Rick,

    Thank you so much for your kind, thoughts and messages and your insights to what was going on with “R”.

    He was an incredible boy that stole our hearts (all of us!) Towards the end, even though I thought he would bounce back, it became clear that he was in pain and would never be the same……..it was his time.

    We decided to have him cremated. We will walk the beach tomorrow, scattering ashes along the way. We know his favorite spots around town and at a couple of Casa’s. His spirit will be present along his favorite route from his “walk-about” days.

    Love, Bill and Barbara
    Casa Obelisco
    San Francisco Nayarit, Mexico

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