Wiener World, Part Two


Splendour in the grass — Marley and Dobbie bound along the shores of Shuswap Lake.

What are the odds we’d find ourselves caring for another set of dachshunds, thus affording multiple more opportunities to say wiener, wiener, wiener!


A pushover for affection, Dobbie offers his tummy.

Back in the Interior of the province, we linked up with these new schnitzels armed with a whole new appreciation for the breed, following our last pet-sit on the Sunshine Coast. Marley (because he looks like the late reggae king) and Dobbie (because he resembles the elfin creature from the Harry Potter movies) are not of the same litter, as Harley and Jake were, but are brothers nonetheless. They’re both long-haired dachshunds: Dobbie has flowing, copper-coloured hair while Marley, with a recent haircut, has shorter black fur, longer and curlier on his head and ears, like rasta dreads, and light-brown boots. Their personalities are as different as their hue. Dobbie is slim and delicate, super-submissive, tucking and rolling mere minutes after we meet, exposing his belly for scratching. Compact and stocky, Marley, like his namesake, is cooler, more laidback and chill, barely raising his head in a “hey, man” greeting. Except when he’s walking, which could more accurately be called strutting, perhaps jammin’ to the beat in his head.


Hey man — Marley makes like his namesake, the reggae king.

Being older, they’re not as lively as puppies Jake and Harley. In fact, they sleep 20 out of 24 hours a day, often sprawled on their backs on our laps, mellow as yellow. We’ve cared for geriatric cats with more spunk than these two. Unless, of course, we pass another dog on our walks, then their Napoleon complex kicks in and they think they’re little warriors, charging and yapping like they could actually win a battle. They live in a unique, custom-built log home with three stories of stairs, which will at some point take a toll on their little wiener backs.


Pheasant under glass, these pretty birds picked through the underbrush outside our window.

Outside the kitchen window, we often spot pheasants (pheasant under glass?) picking their way through the surrounding trees and underbrush. The males, in particular, are beautiful with their vibrant green, red and blue ringed necks and long sweeping tails. Occasionally, a neighbourhood cat will crouch on the back stairs watching them, contemplating what he might do if he actually caught a bird as big as himself.


Blaze a trail to more Marley and Dobbie — click on the image for more shots of the wieners.

The wieners don’t seem to be too interested in the pheasants, although they do dash after ducks in the parks and on golf courses. And they’ve developed a taste for goose, or more accurately, gooey green goose poop, which they scarf down before we can stop them. Animals.

As enjoyable as it is to spend time with these little lieblings — when they’re actually awake — there’s not much to say about them. Yes, they’re cute and easygoing and, well, just easy. Probably the most fun I’ve had was simply saying the word wiener.

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